Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Class Notes

Common issues-
1. Frustration with having to ask too many questions about the same topic
2. Finding studies that are more up to date
3. Organizing information into a 2-3 page paper (too much information and sources)
Stopped to answer questions
4. Trying to decipher between objective information and biased information
5. Some articles are really hard to understand a far as the language
6. Flow of thought
7. Running out of ideas
8. Lack of motivation
9. Lack of information within the technological avenue being sought after
Questions and possibly answers-
1. "I'm supposed to put a question on my poster?"
a. i.e.; "Is my project done?"
2. "Can I get everyone to write a response to my topic?"
a. Everyone will respond to each poster and this will be tremendously helpful in the pursuit of completion (and purpose) to this project.
3. "How can I make better connections?”

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Leo C said...

Based on what I've read in passing on education, good education takes $, but piles of $ does not necessarily mean good education. There's strong correlation but not a direct cause/effect situation with $ and edu.

The matter of what is good education is also up for grabs.