Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What I need ( Is a good defense...)

So I hath decided upon which topic I wilt perform mine art of research upon. I hath the urge to press forward with the inquiry in relation to education. I wilt pose thine question in the sense of Can America afford to invest in its future? The question hath been curved to the education of America’s youth. I plan to research via discussions against the current administration’s No Child Left Behind Act. Also, I will be bringing in discussion of the devolution of the rights of education back to the states, where the power was first delegated by the Constitution. This being aired, I am in current dire need of a copy of the No Child Left Behind Act and critical discussion surrounding the impact this piece of federal legislation hath had upon the masses. I hath regard for any information support or proposing the abolishment of federal control over thy scared holy institutions of education. I may- though I hath the feeling that it wilt be most difficult- bring in the views in relation to opposing forms of government, about education funding (aka- Marx's feelings of governmental control of education as a whole- as stated in Das Kapital).

Monday, August 27, 2007

Why did I chose this topic?

Research Question:
+ Does the United States have any control over food deprivation in India?
Why this topic?
I have an immense love for politics at the federal and world level, I plan to go into politics at a later date. My reason behind choosing this topic was that it poses a possible answer for two questions many Americans have- 1.) Can America actually help to end world hunger and 2.) Are we as powerful as we think we are in the world?

Research Question:
+ (Something pertaining to the education of children in America and the funding thereof.)
Why this topic?
Education is the item I am taking with me to Capitol Hill. I am a firm believer in funding education to decipher our future. Essentially, if we can teach students how to think and not what to think, than they will have the answers to World peace, social security and all the other domestic and world issues which have "impossible" solutions.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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