Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Finders Keepers!

I definitely just tracked my topics specifications (essentially, I found ONE item of useful proportion). Anyway, I then proceeded to tab where I found it and what it was- I will come back to it at a later date. I feel a lot better, as though my research has meaningful purpose (even if NO ONE even decides that it is of any relative importance). I think I'm on my way to finding some ANSWERS BABY!!!
(google- to the law- done for day)

We ain't in Kansas No more Dorothy!

Since I now understand what we're supposed to be doing for this entire semester, I figured I'd post about How the funding for schools under No Child Left Behind works.

Main focus question: How does funding for No Child Left Behind work?

What are the qualifications to receive federal funds for a school?
Are funds allocated by school or school system?
If funds are allocated by school system, how does a system compensate for a school which does NOT meet the qualifications?

Yay! I've now got questions to go with my 670 pages of FUN!!! (All I need now is some tea and biscuits.)

Great Law School Batman! (I found the LAW!)

This is the actual act itself, all 670 pages of it! Ain't it Lovely? (Now this is what I call pleasure reading!)