Wednesday, September 5, 2007

We ain't in Kansas No more Dorothy!

Since I now understand what we're supposed to be doing for this entire semester, I figured I'd post about How the funding for schools under No Child Left Behind works.

Main focus question: How does funding for No Child Left Behind work?

What are the qualifications to receive federal funds for a school?
Are funds allocated by school or school system?
If funds are allocated by school system, how does a system compensate for a school which does NOT meet the qualifications?

Yay! I've now got questions to go with my 670 pages of FUN!!! (All I need now is some tea and biscuits.)

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Furat said...

Hmmm... topics a good one but it seems really dull, lke you would just be looking at government research.
Has No Child LEft Behind made a significant difference or is it just making more kids feel out of place in their learning envornments? I mean, in my HS it seemed like the schools push for more kids to take AP classes hurt more students that werent actually ready for it than putr people in the right place.