Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

Ladies and Gentlemen we're about to sit in our thinking chair and think, think, think
(About the 1,2,3 step process) ;-)

1- There is a lack of proper funding in education.
2- Has there always been a lack of proper funding for all proper educational systems? Should power of education be properly devolved to the states were it Constitutionally belongs? Should education as a whole be sponsored supremely by the parents? Should there be emphasis on it by parents for children to succeed at it?
3- There has always been a severe lack of funding for all proper educational systems- many times the systems that need the money are not the ones receiving the money (in a accordance with No Child Left Behind). The way in which NCLB has always worked is giving funding to the school systems who manage to rise to the whatever standard has been previously set. The power of education should be devolved back to the states because, quite frankly, the states are the only ones who can provide a proficient solution to "Cookie Cutter" standard the Federal government can give.

Where in the system does proper funding come from? Are the citizen's of the United States ready to take this step and spend to correct this issue?

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